Monday, 13 February 2017

The Tranquility Of Sundays.

When most are still asleep.

Of course there is nothing wrong with sleeping in on a Sunday and for some it might be unavoidable considering a Saturday night on the town, but there is nothing nicer than a long walk early on a Sunday morning.

The streets are devoid of cars but to be honest, in our area they mostly are during the week as well. Walking and admiring the scenery means just that. The air is clear and nature at its best. Vibrant, colourful and unspoiled.

Depending on what time I get going on my walk, I encounter a few villagers along the way. Before you imagine a village full of athletes, eh, no...often I meet them while they drive past me on the way to church, or to visit family.

Sundays are quite traditional here with church in the morning and a cooked meal for lunch and a snooze in the afternoon. Roast being a staple then. Lest you think that everyone is saintly I'll tell you about the Frühschoppen that is held every weekend across the road from our house at the pond's clubhouse.

The men come and have a beer or two with their friends while shooting the breeze about this, that and perhaps a nagging wife. Pretty sure that Bob's dropped my name once or twice in that regard! Why should men be any different to us ladies when we meet for coffee, walks or book clubs?

The funny bit about this meeting of the village men is the fact that the minute the clock strikes midday, they all tear out of there in a hurry. The lure of a home cooked lunch or the ire of a cross wife who spent all morning preparing lunch...of course, at times a beer or two too much might have been consumed which entails a terse phone call from a wife...

Oh, don't worry it wasn't me as in order to avoid this particular marital spat, I have decreed that each makes their own lunch however and whenever...Marriage, a give and take after all.