Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Most Of The Village Is Indoors.

Due to snow and other things...

Maybe it might be quite a good thing to stop the cheek-kissing during the cold winter months. Do you also find it a bit of a social dilemma? Should you do it the French way with three cheeky kisses, or the twice cheek affair. Not sure where this originated or the air cheek kiss, which tend to make one feel rather silly, when responding the French way...

Often the hand extended for a more formal greeting, does the trick of side stepping any of the above cheeky kisses. But enough of the greeting rituals and more to the exchange of bugs.

I know, one should just mingle and get it over with or rather get the bug done and dusted. At the moment it seems like half of our village is indoors, nursing the usual wintry bugs that circulate. Touch wood, so far so good.

When it is icy cold outside, one can understand the habit of not getting much fresh air into the room. " Shut the window, you're letting all the warmth out. " but, what about keeping the bugs in?

At the moment, the schoolkids seem to have been hit the hardest and one could argue, doubly so. They are off school sick for a few days without having the luxury of resting properly. The school curriculum doesn't stand still and often, when they should be lying down resting, they are WhatsApping to find out about homework and course work to keep up. With such pressure, it is no wonder they are often sick or exhausted.

I wouldn't be surprised if our new way of living life does compromise our immune system. Look at any of us today and you can be certain that a Smartphone, laptop or ipad is close at our side. Electromagnetic waves circulating 24 hours a day cannot be that healthy. Not to mention the mental exhaustion of keeping up with all the WhatsApp, Twitter & Facebook vernacular circulating constantly.