Sunday, 12 February 2017

Sundays, Days Of Sport, Relaxing And Saturday Night Live.

No more spare time on Sundays.

The mighty sport Sunday with either alpine skiing or Formula One has just got another addition. The weekly Saturday Night Live skit on YouTube.

My admiration for these actors grows by the week, as they put on brilliant performances with only a few days to rehearse. Despite the short rehearsal time they are often spot on as the laugh barometer proves. How often does one laugh out loud these days? Soon they might have to either extend their show or perhaps put on a Wednesday Night Live.

The daily political antics must be like manna for the writers and producers of SNL and in the cut throat world of television it must be nice to know that the next four years will be spectacular and profitable.

Of course, the cynic in me is just waiting for a presidential decree, banning the court jesters as many a jest has a truth to it which could be too close for comfort. Ah, won't that be a bit of breaking news, real breaking news.

But enough of politics; my other Sunday treat apart from fried eggs on toast involves watching alpine skiing on TV. Slalom, Super G and Downhill. Nail biting stuff and addictive too. Bob and I have been fans since we got here and both have our clear favourites that we cheer and cry for.

The World Cup is being held at the moment in the spectacular mountains surrounding St. Moritz. Almost picture perfect apart from yesterday's men's downhill race which sadly had to be cancelled due to fog. Don't laugh, fog is a serious threat when one races down a steep mountain on waxed skis at over 140 kph. Seeing the piste is vital. Luckily it has been reschedule for this afternoon.

The women's downhill race is in the morning and the men's after lunch. I can't wait and just hope the weather is behaving today. If you have a chance, try and watch it. Those skiers are top athletes, seemingly fearless and considering the danger they face, dressed inappropriately. A thin spandex suit and a pithy helmet seem a bit meagre when one faces an icy piste at such speeds.

Yesterday, the race was at first postponed a few times before it was cancelled outright. In those two hours, they showed interviews with a few of the skiers and apart from the odd one, most of these athletes are friends and behave in a manner worthy of gentlemen and ladies...something that is sorely lacking in the world today.