Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Good, Better Eisenberg.

A week in picturesque review.

A man, my man on the move...cutting the vines last Saturday was fun despite the slightly chilly weather.
It might look dull to you but to me it is beautiful, gentle and rich with history. One side of the Eisenberg hill is in Austria and the other in Hungary.
The forests of Eisenberg are vast and filled with enchanting paths. During the war and at the end of it, many villagers hid there for months in order to escape soldiers passing through the village.
At the moment nature is still in its plain colouring but the odd spots of brightness attract my eye like a blossom does a bee.
A ditch on the side of the road to some, a portrait to others. I know they are just weeds floating in the runoff from the fields, but somehow they do have a likeness to waterlilies.
Fit to be imortalized in a painting, don't you think?