Saturday, 18 February 2017

Under Pressure.

All in a day's work...

Most cars do have a touch of Ford about them. Henry Ford and his famous " Any color, as long as it's black " slightly adjusted in hue. At the moment all cars seem grey. Sooty grey, abetted by the prolific smoke stacks rising from chimneys during winter. At least that's my take on grey.

One does get a few car enthusiasts who were born with a bucket and cloth attached to their hips and luckily they are in a minority which affords me the freedom to hide in the grey crowd knowing I won't be pointed at. But, even the crowd gets a bit boring and with that in mind I did a sojourn at the Kofidsich Spar.

Not entering the portals of temptations ( Friday, cold and yearning for cake ) I drove around the bend to the car wash. A self service car wash which took some time for Bob and I to adjust to. Back in S.A. a self service car wash was extremely rare and often we'd just sit on a bench outside and watch the labour of others.

If only I'd known how simple it can be...all you need is a pair of strong biceps as the pressure hose tends to have a life of its own. Oh and a fair degree of fitness as time is of the essence because the minute you put your euro in, the seconds tick. Alarmingly fast by the way. Yesterday afternoon, I had put aside a 1 & 2 euro coin.

Seeing that we don't pass there often, even a 2 euro wasn't quite enough. Well, it would be if one doesn't mind motoring about the countryside in a two tone chariot. First I usually use the hose with a big brush attached in order to get the sticky soot moving and that eats the first euro. Fair enough, two more to go but a wash & shampoo and a rinse still needed to fit into the budget parameters. I have to say, a race against time but rather fun.

There is of course one golden rule with this whole chore...making sure all of your windows are properly closed, which I had a slight reminder of yesterday. Oh, Schatzi, don't worry, only a few drops...hopefully they will have dried already else I might get a frequent reminder of my forgetfulness!