Saturday, 4 February 2017

The Allure Of Documentaries Grows.

Hollywood versus Realityville.

In my youth having to watch a documentary was tres boring and torturous. Why watch something real when movies provided entertainment and grandiose ideas?

With age, a different insight has gained upper hand and it must have a lot to do with the wonderfully interesting documentaries that are shown about Austrian personalities. Yesterday, it dawned on me why I am recently so keen on these documentaries. Even the ones in black and white film.

Most of us were surrounded by Hollywood make believe while growing up. There was either the concept of the Prince Charming that we all should aim to find, come hell or high water ( what does this 50% divorce rate suggest about that ) or the other nirvana-esque ideal of becoming so rich that instant happiness is guaranteed.

Well, I tend to think that Madison Avenue nefariously tilted the odds in their favour betting that the public at large would do anything to be and look like movie stars, who ironically are often unhappy underneath their window dressed exterior. Ka-ching!

Documentaries are eh, real and honest. Being average, not thin, not rich, not pretty are the attributes we grew up thinking we needed to avoid in order to be happy. They kept us constantly thriving for their counterparts, buying into the consumerist society and feeling distraught at the thought of merely being average...

Hollywood and industry keep on making those little reminders for us to not settle for normal. By the way, we women get reminders of it every time we go shopping for clothes.

Unless we are extremely thin, we are banished to the plus size aisle and if the stores were clever enough to put diet pills for sale in the changing rooms, they'd be sold out as in those garish moments, despite happily being average outside the change rooms, we soon get caught up in the unattainable Hollywood ideal on sale while struggling to fit into a pair of jeans.

Documentaries are reminders that ordinary folk do and can have marvelously interesting lives, happy lives and show us that happiness is easily reached by being an average Jane or Joe. Honestly, what a relief indeed...