Wednesday, 8 February 2017

We Travel With A Log, A Wooden Log.

A trip to Oberwart.

For days the fable of that famous Emperor sans clothes has been circling in my mind and after today's news segment about the First Lady's law suit, the proverbial plot thickens. Does nobody have the gumption to point out reality, or rather the reality of us ordinary folk?

So, to that log of ours. It was last week during our shopping trip to Oberwart. It was raining and that created some treacherous and slippery surfaces. The car park being a case in point.

Men, have a tendency to circle for hours in order to find a close enough parking space, whereas most women will take the first space available, be thankful for having a bit of a walk and do a shop, have a cup of coffee and be on their way home while men are still crusing for a parking space. Yes, a bit of Fake News right here.

Bob surprisingly found a parking space straight away but it had a tiny incline. Not good if your handbrake is not working due to the icy temperatures.

Honestly, I was joking more than being serious when I said to Bob;

" Schatzi, the log of wood is behind you on the backseat. "
Good golly gosh, he took the log of wood and put it in front of the back tyre. And not hidden either. We had a parking bay at the edge of the lane and the wood was clear and present.

I did feel a tad bit embarrassed to use a log in the middle of the main shopping center. Everyone shops there and in case you have forgotten, our neck of the woods only has about a few hundred inhabitants and knowing who's car is where doesn't take much intelligence. A good memory is all one needs.

Getting up to any mischief is impossible as everyone knows who lives where and who drives which car...Well, from now on we'll probably be known as the Beavers...