Saturday, 11 February 2017

An Abundant Week Indeed.

The joys of life.

Wednesday morning saw me walk past the chicken man. Or as I like to say, the man whose chickens sometimes lay green eggs. Throw in some ham and you'll have the title of a Dr. Seuss book. Talking of which, have you ever tried to read it without making a mistake? Words tend to mingle alarmingly.

As I was walking along, he gave me his usual friendly greeting and topped it off with giving me 20 of his hens' eggs. Mere eggs to some of you readers, but delights to Bob and I. Alone the colour of the shells range from ochre via green to egg-shell white. A feast for the eyes and never mind the taste of them. They simply cannot be compared to the cheap supermarket eggs. Of course the main plus being that the chickens have a good life with him.

A fantastic midweek gift, although the Tuesday was an even better present day. I stopped by at my parent's house and as I had told my mum earlier that I'd swing past, a Bavarian specialty was waiting me. A freshly baked bretzen, with oodles of butter.

A treat that can't be beaten for any snack. It brought back plenty of childhood memories as my village was literally littered with proper bakeries. Fresh bretzen, the real hand made ones, were often eaten to and from school. Yum, a rare delicacy in our new neck of the woods.

Oh, and a bottle of mum's wine. Yes, handmade wine that's oh so divine. Eggs, wine and bretzen had made my week. That mere food and wine ( well, wine most of you will know about ) can give such pleasure and satisfaction is a bit of a well kept secret in societal circles...

By all means, go and try your might and luck at supersizing your life and lifestyle, but don't forget to now and again try the simpler things in life. You never know, you could grow a fondness for them and a reason to at least take one foot off of the consumption treadmill.