Sunday, 26 February 2017

Hummergraben Or Lobster Ditch, Regardless A Groovy Name.

Another quirky side to Eisenberg is revealed.

I just love this name and perhaps it's aptly named as it leads to Millionaire's row. The mind abounds with images of lobsters sunning themselves in the ditch along the road.
Along the various paths designated for the more exercise inclined people are wonderful points of interest. History about our area and succinct enough to let one's mind wonder to the time of yore. Remember, the iron curtain was mere meters away and families were split up when it was erected.
A fair bit further on was a perfect opportunity to show you the steepness of Millionaire's row...the grapes from these slopes make fabulous Blaufränkisch reds.
Halfway up Steinweg I paused to take this photo. Isn't nature grand?
Something old, something new..I only discovered this bench on top of the overgrown water reservoir this morning...nice perch to contemplate life.
A peaceful scene...a messenger of peace guarding the way.