Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Christmas Ornaments.

Homemade Xmas Decorations...easier than you think.

Well, it should rather be called ' Village-made ' Xmas decorations. You know, for most of us ( and for me in the past ), we start to get an inkling that Christmas is approaching momentarily, by the change in Store decorations and the playing of Boney M's famous Christmas Hits Christmas With Boney M ( in fact I am almost 100 % certain, that we all know most of the words to the songs ). Of course, momentarily, is rather a misnomer as it tends to sometimes start already in October...

This is our second Christmas season here in Burgenland, and the community really gets us all together. Finally the Village Newsletter got dropped in the postbox, and it gave us the times to go and help out. I find it so nice, that as a community we do stuff together and all for a good cause.

My Mum and I, went to the community center to help. It started early at 9 am and already a nice crowd had grown. To be honest, it was the usual crowd, as even in a small place like ours, you get the doers and the non-doers...

The order of the day, was to attach fir cuttings to a straw wreath. Watching the ladies, it seemed pretty easy, but I soon found out that it was more complicated. Undoing my first attempt, one of the ladies showed me a better way. It did the trick. Even though I am glad that this happens only once a year, I still loved the fact of being a part of the village effort.

Yesterday was the wreath making day, and I think today we attach the different ornaments, that transforms it into a Christmas wreath. Last year I when I helped with that, I was in awe of the artistic flair that just about everyone had. The main organizers of our community, are used to having ' new ' helpers who are not overly blessed with this artistic flair. With great foresight, they make three or four sample ones, and we can copy them as best as we can. Very diplomatic !

There were a few men helping out as well, and one, poor lamb, asked rather loudly if one of the ladies wanted a cup of coffee, as he was making one for himself. Well you can imagine what happened...yes, most of the hands went up. I must say, he displayed great nonchalance and proceeded to serve everyone coffee with a smile...
P.S. Bob, after proofing my blog, has admitted that he actually looks forward to hearing Boney M.'s Christmas songs...!

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Hard at work...

My Mum is much better at it than me.

The raw materials.