Tuesday, 20 November 2012

My 200th Blog Entry !

If I can do it, so can you.

Have you ever had a yearning to do something that is out of your normal sphere of life, but did not have the courage to do ?... What will my friends think ? Will anybody laugh at me ? Oh the list could go on and on...

In my case it is and was, writing. For you it could be painting, singing or changing your vocation. When you think about it, isn't it just plain silly, to " not do " something because we are worried about what others might think ? One little insight, that I have gained along the way, is that regardless of what you do or say, there will always be someone who reacts negatively. But you know what...' what you think about me, is your problem ' ...! Those words should be imprinted in our thoughts.

Reading is a major passion of mine and has always been. Traversing the landscape of a book and actually living in that ' frame ' is just so great. Many a times I have sat at work, doing the usual, yet my mind was living the story of a book I was reading at the time. My husband tells me that for him it was escaping to the " Universe far far away ". For me, the one set of novels, that had me living in its landscape for weeks, is the Twilight Series. Not surprisingly, these books got a whole lot of teenagers to start reading books ! ( I put links to Amazon at the bottom if you intend to read the series. )

A friend of mine, gave me the final push needed to start my blog and I am forever grateful to her. Like anything else in life, writing takes time to get right. My blog is far from perfect and I am evolving and learning each day. Possibly the hardest thing about it, is the worry that perhaps no one will read it, or that readers will laugh at me.

But that is all part of the process of taking a step into the ' unknown '. As I have said in the past, making mistakes is vital to getting it right.
Well, for the past 200 consecutive days, I have woken up at 5.10 am and written my blog for the day. In fact, my body clock is so in tune with the alarm clock, that I wake up a few seconds before the alarm starts its assault on sleep.

Dear readers, I love writing this blog and I love that I have some readers. Of course the cherry on the top is, when you comment. Thank you for having read and continuing to read my blog.
P/S : Please let me know if and when you have taken the plunge to do something creative, that you have always wished you would do.