Saturday, 17 November 2012

Simple Saturday Things...

How do you slow down to " smell the roses " ?

My blog is at times about abstract ideas, or what is happening out in the world, or just to make you laugh but on the whole it is my way of showing you how living a simpler life can be great. Simpler does not mean inferior. In fact it is almost the opposite, as it can give you the opportunity to be in the moment and well, !

We all have etched out our niche in life and what goes with it. Modern lifestyles are inherently stressful, as it is almost impossible to switch off, literally. On the whole everyone's life is great and suited to them. But it is also nice to maybe do a thing that is out of character and out of your comfort zone. Possibly a " smell the roses " moment ?

Some different ideas...for your Saturday.

  • Sleep in late without feeling guilty.
  • Make your couch into a " Saturday TV " island, with all the trimmings...
  • Or do the opposite and just read a new novel and don't worry about dishes etc...
  • Take a walk in nature.
  • Make something from scratch. Like homemade jam, or bread...they are surprisingly easy to make.
  • Go to a craft shop ( online or real ) to stock up on funky knitting supplies.
  • keeps you in the moment and can be rather fun.
  • Visit family
  • Make a roast of sorts and enjoy the wonderful aromas wafting through your place.
  • Stay in your pyjamas all day and only do the things you did when you were younger and without all the responsibilities. Just chill.
  • Make a scrumptious cake, put it on a nice ( but cheap ) plate and take it to a friends
    ( or family ) house. Ring the doorbell and when they open it, say " I just thought of you and wanted to do something nice. Enjoy. " Don't stay, just leave them the cake and remember how elated they were.

I would love to know how you would add to this list, as there are so many ways to relax and recharge. Please let me know.