Monday, 26 November 2012

Do Your Eyes Mist Up When You Witness Historic Moments ?

Sunday's and Formula One, go hand in hand for me.

Bob and I are avid F1 fans, and try to watch every race. Nail-biting stuff most of the time, but yesterday's race had us in its grip from start to finish. What a season cliff hanger ! Gosh they even had Hollywood stars there. Really, entertainment second to none...

In Germany they now and again announce on the radio, that a " Geisterfahrer " is on the highway. Basically it means that a driver is facing and driving the wrong way. Scary to say the least, when other cars flash past you at 120 kmph. Well, yesterday's race saw another driver become one of those " Geisterfahrer's ", not by his own fault and only for a few seconds. But he faced traffic going at the speed of 250 kmph or more...

Sebastian Vettel, was driving this race to win the Championship, but he also was bumped the first lap and suddenly faced a hoard of race cars hurtling down on him. Well, Bob and I were in a state, sitting in our living room. How Sebastian must have felt, is only imaginable.

So there he was, having survived the barrage of cars passing him with a car that was bumped and had some damage, and suddenly being stone last. Not just last on the starting grid, but last by at least a quarter of a lap. Well, there rose a collective sigh and moan around Germany, because everyone thought he was out.

For me, the way he got on with the race, and made up place after place was inspirational. The mental strength and reserve he has are unbelievable. The rest of the race threw just about every challenge possible at him, yet he finished to claim the championship. Well, that was my first misty moment. To think that he is only 25 years old, makes me wonder if he was one of those daredevil kids ?

My second misty moment happened, when Michael Schumacher gave his ' Farewell ' missives in an interview. What an incredible and gracious man. Sad to think that he won't be racing again. What I would love to know, is how he drives his cars in private life ? Can he actually drive well when he drives slow ? Does his wife drive him, and does he offer his ' two cents worth ' when she does ? I know my husband often does. How many other spouses think they have to make comments, while the other is driving ?