Thursday, 22 November 2012


All in a day's work !

In our part of Burgenland, life is wonderfully rural and for an ex-city girl like me, that is nirvana. Don't get me wrong, most of our villagers are possessors of most mod-cons. What I find so fascinating, are the various activities that go along with life in the country.

Bob and I drove to the next village, an extraordinary long commute of 4 kilometers, to buy a few groceries. As luck would have it, the shop was closed for the morning. Never mind, we thought, let's say hello to my parents.

That we did, but it turned out they were engaged in one of those rural traditions...stacking firewood. Actually, the farmer was just unloading a trailer load of cut wood. Not neatly, but haphazardly. Being kind ' children ', we asked if we could help stack the firewood. Well, I don't think we even finished our question, and we heard a distinct " Yes " !

Secretly Bob was pleased to do some yard work, as he has a bee in his bonnet, to be the possessor of the elusive urban myth of a ' six-pack '...Could he have approached that age of ' mid-life ' crises ? We definitely can't afford an Aston Martin, which is the car Bob dreams about, so maybe a ' six-pack ' is the next best thing ?

Stacking firewood is not so easy and rather a hard workout. All that bending and then stacking them, so that the stack won't topple in the future. But, as we had four pairs of hands, the whole stacking only took about one hour. In fact, it was fun and we got to spend time with my parents.

Of course the work with the firewood is not finished yet. Some of the pieces are too large and need to be split with an axe. Guess who volunteered to do that ? Wielding that axe a few hundred times an hour will certainly develop that ' six-pack '.
Life is great...


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