Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Who Remembers Cherry Flavoured Lip-Ice ?

Using it has surprising results !

We all have certain things that remind us of our childhood. Sometimes just a smell alone can transport us back in time. For most of us, our childhood was the most carefree and fun time in our lives. Oh those wonderful years at Junior school and being so happy, when we discovered that someone " liked " us.

Can you remember that nerve racking time leading up to your very first kiss ever ? Did you also practice kissing on your arm, in order to get it just right for that all important first time we kissed someone ! Of course Lip-Ice was a must and preferably one with flavour.

Last year when we had just arrived, Bob found his " transport back in time " moment. He spotted a cherry flavoured Lip-Ice in the shop. Well, he bought it to remind him of home and maybe also of his first girlfriend. It was also around the same time that we had contractors at our house. You know, real strong and definitely beefy men.

The next day Bob spent the whole day at our construction site and ironically it was the only day that I didn't go with. Isn't it amazing how we tend to kind of model ourselves, even if only for a short time, on the people we are surrounded with. You know, their mannerism etc. ( Bob was starting to look extra beefy ! )

When he came home that day, the first thing I noticed were his lips. They were a very deep cherry red. In fact they kind of stood out. With deep concern I asked him, " Bob, are you alright ? Did you get hit ?"
" Why ? I am just a bit cold, but I had a great day working with the guys."
" Why are your lips so red then ? "

Bob, with great haste rushed to the bathroom to have a look. All I heard was " Oh No "...It turned out that Bob had been applying his treasured cherry flavoured Lip-Ice all day. Not having a mirror, he didn't realize that he had been putting layer upon layer of colour on his lips.
" That's why they all gave me strange looks. I thought that maybe I had something in my nose. "

" Oh, how embarrassing " was all Bob could get out before we both doubled up with laughter. Well...Bob made sure to come across as extremely manly the next time he met the guys !
A whistle here, a swagger there and a much practiced " clean " spit.

I wouldn't be surprised if Bob is known as " hot lips " by all...