Sunday, 18 November 2012

Don't Ever Give Up !!!!

Just remember, it is always darkest before dawn.

There are a lot of things in life, that are so difficult to achieve. At least we tend to feel that they are. Somehow, we have got so used to having most things instantly appear at our finger tips, that in a way we don't really know, or have forgotten, how to handle those things that don't just magically appear ! We need to look back at our parents generation and learn to admire and use their work ethic.

Sometimes, just having patience, perseverance and a healthy respect for mistakes and failures, gets us to our desires...

  • Finding the perfect partner to travel life's roads with can be hard and at times demoralizing. But how often have you heard of couples that met after having gone through a terrible phase...don't give up as it is always darkest before dawn.
    ( as they say, every pot has its matching lid )
  • Getting ahead in your career / business often seems daunting as you encounter problems and make mistakes. But remember, every mistake you make gets you a step closer to success....don't give up as it is always darkest before dawn.

Every time we make mistakes or have a set back, it kind of "reveals " a better ( truer ? ) version of us. How else can we learn than by trying and making mistakes. As a society we tend to be afraid to make mistakes. Is it for fear of looking foolish or just because we have set our " bar " so high ? We should all give a whoop of joy, when we make a mistake, instead of trying to hide or explain it away.

Putting in effort and time can often be the missing ingredient to success. Let's learn to accept hurdles and challenges with delight. They help us shape and strengthen our character. And don't forget, that every challenge and problem get's us another step closer to our goals.

Why don't we proudly start to include a " I made a mistake " counter in your social network status. Let that be the new " it " thing to have...Luckily, mine would have a double-digit number already.