Friday, 23 November 2012

The Long Weekend...

Can there be anything better ?

In some countries they happen more often than in others, depending on the public holidays and on what day of the week they fall on ! But when they come around, it is time to break out the champagne. When one works six day's a week ( in Europe most workers are lucky enough to not work Saturdays ), having an extra day to sleep in, is fantastic.

The anticipation leading up to it is half the fun. Planning how to spend that extra free time, takes up a lot of our energy. Of course stocking up the fridge and larder takes just as much effort. It seems that there is an subconscious belief, that one wont be able to buy food...ever ! How else would we account for all our grocery purchases during those holiday weekends ?

Knowing that there is an extra day to sleep in ( on extremely lucky long weekends there are even two ), makes all the difference. Now one of those days can be used to just chill and make a dent in all the delicious foods purchased. It is always a good policy to wear clothes that stretch...sweat pants and or elasticized pants will do the trick.

I heard an report on Bloomberg West, saying that nowadays, most family members have a smart phone, tablet, computer and a TV. That means, that each member can view their own personal choice of movie on their own device. No more fights over what to watch. But also sadly no more sitting together on a couch and watching things as a family. Progress of sorts.

But seriously, the great thing about these long holiday weekends is that they bring the family together. This weekend, most families in America are sitting and enjoying their Thanksgiving Meal. What it all boils down to in a nutshell, is being with your family or friends... even if it is just by Skype.

A life safer of sorts is " Spanx ", as it lets you disguise those little indiscretions that you enjoyed and savoured all weekend...Happy Thanksgiving !