Monday, 29 April 2013

A Whiff Is All It Takes.

A smell can unlock memories.

Do you find yourself transported back in time ( as they say ) by something as simple as a smell or taste ? Gosh, our individual little time travel sessions. For just a few seconds we do tend to loose track of our surroundings and hop ( mentally ) into a distant memory !

Out of all those different smells that we are bombarded with daily, a few have that ability to make us vividly recall a pleasant memory, feeling or even taste. Isn't that just great ?

How about these ? :

  • Walking past a freshly mowed meadow, garden or lawn.
  • Cutting open the foil on a new packet of Filter Coffee.
  • Hanging washing on the line.
  • Using plain old ordinary soap or standing next to someone who did.
  • Sitting in a new car.
  • Walking past a field that has been fertilized with cow manure.
  • Standing next to a horse or going into a stable.
  • Being in the kitchen, half an hour after putting cake, cookies or bread in the oven.
  • Diving into a swimming pool.
  • Grilling a piece of steak on the B.B.Q.

A few of these instances surely resonated with you, but we each have our own unique experiences. Yet, wouldn't it be interesting to know a few others. I am wondering how many there could be.

How long do you think we could grow this list ? Will we get a hundred, a thousand or even more items on our list ? Why don't we try and find out !

Please leave a little comment with your addition to the list or just " Like / Share / Google+ or ReTweet " it, if yours are the same as mine...