Friday, 26 April 2013

The Envelope With The Clear Window.

Now and again it can bring good tidings.

" Great Scot " is the only way to describe this letter we got today. It left both Bob and I speechless and in awe. Even though it had that much loathed clear window on the front cover
( you know that one that clues you in on the fact that someone wants a bit of your money ), it had a pleasant surprise.

No, we didn't win anything. Anyway, I read somewhere that if you win big in the Austrian Lotto, their staff come to your house in nondescript cars and more than likely dressed casually in Lederhosen ( Bob and Albert love to wear theirs, so they really would blend in ) ! They are aware that you don't want to tip off your Neighbours.

Look, we have one village shop, which could have a " Have you heard " signboard over its door. It would spread like wildfire if we were to win more than a thousand euros.
" Dearest Bob, I am sure that all and sundry would know when we win in the Lotto, because you are set on getting a Aston Martin convertible !" Great choice for farm roads, though !

Anyway, back to that letter. It's better to just tear it open rather than dilly dallying about. Like ripping off a plaster. This one had our Phone and Internet provider's logo stamped on the outside. Ah, the bill dreaded by teenagers and parents alike !

But once I started to unfold the page, it was as if the sun shone a bit brighter. Firstly no money wanted and secondly they were writing to inform us of a broadband upgrade. Can you believe it, they sent us a fair warning that on a certain day and a certain time our Internet would be disrupted.

How cool is this ? We get a written notice of a three hour interruption to our broadband line. They even apologized for any inconvenience caused. Wow, A1, I love you !

From now on, we could almost be like a Formula 1 car cruising on the Internet highway...