Thursday, 25 April 2013

Agatha Christie Knew...

The slow lane also gets you there.

Part of the charm of living in a small Village is the pace of it. Gentle, slow and steady. In fact, dare I say it, it could almost resemble the life inside an Agatha Christie novel...a Miss Marple to be precise.

Not because there are any nefarious characters about, but because in ' Miss Marple's ' world, there is this gentle routine to life. A routine that somehow is grounding and gives you time to take notice of life happening around you.

Who hasn't pictured a similar lifestyle while reading her novels ? ( If you haven't read any here is a link below ) You know, things such as gardening, planting a vegetable garden, pottering around your yard, baking bread / cakes / and or biscuits, knitting and most importantly having the time to mingle with friends and family.

Who else gets the feeling that unless we're constantly busy, doing things and hurrying from one place to the next, there must be something wrong with us ? Who started to define success and fulfillment in those terms ? I tend to think that the pace of life depicted in those Agatha Christie novels, although extremely fictional, might be what a lot of us need.

When you get an opportunity to move off the fast lane and into the slow lane, it resets your whole inner compass. Obviously it's not for everybody but when you are off that fast lane, it kind of feels like you have come home.

Remember the scene in ' Independence Day ' where Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum are inside the alien craft and at the last minute it gets magnetically drawn to its landing dock, even though its been absent for years. Well, to some extent when we get close to our ' docking ' station in life, the last few meters we get drawn in like magnets !

Just like driving on the highway, moving over to the slow lane still gets you where you need to be....only slower !