Saturday, 20 April 2013

Do You Love To Read ?

Books, what an enrichment...

A few years back, I remember talking to a fellow reader about books. To this day I can hear her say: " If my husband and I are invited to a dinner party, we sneak around to see whether they have books on their shelves. We can't be friends with someone who doesn't love reading. " Perhaps a bit drastic, but at least she was honest.

A life without reading ? No, that would be unimaginable. How else would we know about different places, cultures, lifestyles and alternate universes ? Never mind the enourmous amount of pleasure you get from reading.

That wonderful ( and sometimes elusive ) page in a novel, where it transports you to another place and time. The page where the story gets hold of you, ' hook line and sinker '. From that place forward, good luck to anyone who wants to rouse your attention...

Can you remember those times, where you couldn't wait to get home from school or work, just so you could dive back into the story ? I vaguely remember trying to fake an upset stomach in order to stay home from school and read. Of course my all-knowing mother never fell for this !

Sadly, a lot of children these days ( seriously, I am not as old as I sound ) have never read a book for the sheer pleasure of it. With most of their lives being lived online, rather a lot of them don't see the point of actually reading a book !

There are so many instances in our lives, where reading can navigate us through a turbulent time. Who hasn't been helped over a breakup with a good book. Depending on the type of breakup, the book was either a good Murder Mystery or a Romance with possibilities !

When I buy a book it has to have at least 200 pages and the writing must be small...otherwise the story would be over before it started. How about you?