Sunday, 21 April 2013

" Earthing " Yourself...

Balancing on-line with off-line.

We should all get a life-manual, once we become connected. Connected to the Internet, that is ! The early days in the mid-nineties were still okay, but only because the loading speeds were that much slower. Gosh back then, most of us didn't even have cell-phones and ' smartphones ' were phones that... looked nice !

Back then we got our news from either the newspaper or the television. Can you imagine reading an online newspaper back then ? Just loading the headline would have taken forever judged in today's speed and understanding of time. Of course most newspapers then were still competing with the Internet.

Fast forward to now and you suddenly realize how easy and fast it is to be on the Internet. Information is had in seconds. How many of you have sat watching a program on TV while at the same time surfing online to get information about the actors in it, or even worse, looking up the story line ? Doing two things at the same time, is not easy.

This happens a lot in our house. Bob will go online to find out more about the actors etc. All fine and well, but then he asks me about what happened to the plot while he was busy surfing around ! Not nice...

We are well informed, because we can. But do we actually need to know all this information ?

Being connected in today's world is vital and is in some way connected to earning our living. I am the first one to put up my hand to say that the Internet helps me earn an income. In fact, not being connected is unthinkable and impossible in today's age !

But we need to learn to put more buffers onto our information download. A sort of grounding or earthing, to unload all the emotional sadness we tend to pick up each day while we are navigating the online landscape.

Going for a walk in nature ( without your smartphone ) is one way. The bonus is that is doesn't cost anything and it reminds us of little things, such as the beauty of wildflowers or how something as trivial as the smell of cut grass can evoke wonderful childhood memories.

How do you ground yourself ?

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