Thursday, 18 April 2013

Living In A Small Village.

A blissful simple life.

Take an average day : When we go about our everyday business, more likely than not we run into someone we know and stop for a chat. Living in a small village affords us the time and luxury to have those precious interactions.

Aren't those impromptu chats the backbone of a good life. We all want to be part of something and feel like we belong. That sense of belonging into a societal structure, is most likely one of the reasons why the Social Media is growing so vast. They make us feel part of something. A global village.

I am extremely fortunate and get to have both. A real village and a global one.

Well, yesterday, Bob and I were walking to our parked car, when we heard a car approaching with a vigorous blast of its hooter. When I was still living in a big city, a blast of a hooter signaled either danger or impatience. Impatience that was at times mingled with questionable hand gestures !

Having lived here for almost two years now, I knew that a blast of a hooter could only mean one of two things...:

  • Wait, I want to talk to you...
  • Hi, how are you...

As I said, a wonderful, blissful and simple life.