Monday, 15 April 2013

Cyclists, Can You Tell Them Apart ?

Lycra and Spandex everywhere...

It used to be that the roads were paved with gold, but recently the roads seemed to be covered with cyclists. One almost needs a gold nugget to get into that particular sport. Eh, you don't see old-fashioned chopper bicycles ahead of you...or those fabulous bicycles of the 1950's, the black ones with a basket in the front.

Look, sport is good, healthy and fun. The same goes for cycling. What can be a bit irksome though, is the problem of recognizing anyone on a bicycle. Good grief, they all look the same. Mostly its a backside covered in Lycra and calves filled with what looks like an apple !

Individuality has long flown the coop it seems. In the past the done thing was to cycle in whatever we wore at that moment. Often the left trouser leg was ' wash-pegged '. Ample and effective. But now it's fashionable to be encased in spandex...

At first the novice-cyclists would use the old cobweb covered bicycle in the garage. Then they get hooked, and in the process fit and before you can blink an eye, they have morphed into the modern cyclist.

All that training makes them lean almost to the point of being skinny. I know they say that those Spandex / Lycra outfits help wind resistance, but for the unsuspecting spectator ( usually in a car, overtaking on the road ) the view this shows can range from admiration via comical to embarrassment...nothing is left to the imagination there, I tell you !

Add a helmet, wrap-around sunglasses, determined ( yet slightly haggard ) expression and the disguise is complete. For me, it is almost impossible to put a name to the face of any cyclist.

Hopefully others are in the same boat as me, otherwise I need to get myself a new pair of glasses...

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