Tuesday, 30 April 2013

What Happened To Common Sense ?

Good old fashion common sense.

A few years back I attended a hairstylists conference. One speaker gave some sage advice:
" If someone asks you how business is, just say it is " unbelievable "...it could mean unbelievably good or bad ! "

Hands up, those of you who have shouted their disapproval at the poor newsreader on T.V. ? He really can't hear us, but that hasn't stopped us. Often the only way to describe what is going on all around us, is as " unbelievable ".

Take the Bee issue. Everyone and their grandmother knows that Bees are an essential link in nature's chain. We all need to eat and therefore the bees are to my mind untouchable. Bees must be cherished and taken care of.

If we are aware of harmful agents against our precious bees, common sense would make it a non debatable issue ! But it seems not...Personally I would love to see half the ' decision ' makers of anything made up of the ' common sense ' brigade. Maybe a few grannies with their knitting, a couple of kids and a lot of full-time homemakers. ( P/S: For now the bees have won. )

Across the ocean, another issue sort of defies common sense ( eh, to my mind at least ). Micheal Jackson's family's quest for a ridicules large sum of money has started. Tragedy happens to all of us and we learn to carry on with life. Everyone's tragedy involves a loss of income, but hardly anyone thinks of suing someone over it. Unbelievable and by the way, isn't that what Life Insurance is for ?

Even in prosperous America, there are a lot of extremely poor folk who just try and survive each day. To see a court case proceeding, where someone already rich beyond imagination is trying to get more so, is just a very sad reflection on society. Common sense, where are you ?

Where will it all end ? What about starting a court of ' Common Sense ', one that decides whether a case is worthy to take further...