Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Thank Goodness For Spring.

It's finally here for real !

The last few weeks have been so unlike the norm. Cold, rainy and so little sunshine. Well, that has certainly changed and not a minute too soon. Bob, when he saw yesterdays sunshine immediately sported a pair of shorts and T-shirt. A bit overenthusiastic but why not !

I must say, driving around and seeing the tree branches responding to the sunshine and warmth, is eye catching. There are brightly coloured buds on the tips of the branches and some eager trees have come out in full...all abloom and incredibly pretty.

There is a B&B right next to us, and they have been fully booked. I only know this, because last month, Bob had a bee in his bonnet, and proceeded to cut the hedge right down. Privacy is not an issue anymore...our garden is your garden !

Look its not as if I suntan in tiny bikinis, but just pottering around our garden is now a communal affair. In a way, it is rather refreshing as we get a chance to chat more with people !

This weekend the B&B was booked out by a group of friends, all over sixty in age but with pep of note ! They came back from a Buschenschank ( an older blog post about us at a Buschenschank ) lunch and it was fun to watch. If it wasn't for Bob and his shears, we would have missed it.

Isn't it refreshing to know, that we ladies will never change. Give us a glass or two of wine, and we will bond together and still carry on like we did in our teenage years. Giggling, chirping and exchanging pertinent information about our husbands ! By the way, why do we always assume that nobody can hear us ?

The men had obviously been the dedicated drivers. With years of experience in their wives ways, the response ranged from sighs, a shake of a head, to an expectant twinkle in an eye !
" Nudge nudge. Wink wink, say no more "


Stunning isn't it ?