Friday, 19 April 2013

Storks Love Our Village.

Or do we love the Storks' village ?

Even before we moved here, we had been told about the storks in the village. In fact, there was a house for sale in the village, which I tended to call the ' Stork House '

This ' Stork House ' had ( and still has ) the typical charm of the old Burgenland farms and was priced so low, it seemed a steal, yet it wasn't to be. Just as well, as I can imagine that their daily little routines and habits, performed on a roof could be rather noisy.

Our cat Tigger, who is much smaller than a stork, has made our attic her own little fiefdom and at times it sounds as if she is practicing for her Disco-debut ! As we adore Tigger, we have forgiven her for her noisy habits. Just imagine though, if we had Tigger and a stork ?

As for that other stork factor, it must have some merit. Our village has quite a lot of babies, toddlers and kids. In such a small village, this is something to boast about ( and no, everyone does have a television... ).

Most days when you drive anywhere around our area, there is a stork preening, prancing, balancing, parenting or just pretending to be a look-out...A real treasure to behold.

Aren't they brave to build their nest on top of the chimney ?

The roof tends to change colour in certain places !
Here is a link to a local holiday let, in case you want to see for yourself...