Saturday, 27 April 2013

Are You Growing Your Own Vegetables ?

The new trend...

A lot of us do have gardens attached to our homes. Gardens of all descriptions: rustic, charming, beautiful, romantic and the dreaded overgrown ! Well, a few of life's hints ( recessions & astronomical price of vegetables ) have created this new trend.

Growing up, I used to associate a vegetable garden with grey hair and pinafore dressed Biddy to go along with it. Gosh, you as well ? But now, growing your own vegetables is touted by all the young culinary greats of today and it is rather fun. ( Who straight away thought of Jamie Oliver ? )

The mind boggles to think that so many gardens are in effect standing idle and are shockingly under-utilized ! Apart from having solar panels on your roof ( to lighten the electric grid's load ) why don't you plant cabbages, tomatoes and carrots to at least lighten the load on your wallet ?

Imagine the new genre of ( well needed ) dinner Conversations that it would create:

  • " You know, just yesterday our seeded cabbages sprouted."
  • " Oh you must let me in on the secret. Mine is stubbornly staying underground "
  • " What you are still growing carrots ? That is so last season ! "
  • " You know since he planted his vegetables, I hardly get to see him. Somehow, I almost preferred him sitting in front of the TV clutching the remote control in one hand and a beer in the other !"

Growing things in your own garden is surprisingly therapeutic and an instant stress reliever. Digging in the soil and feeling the odd worm ( of course here it could also be a snake, as they don't get that large ) slither across your fingers is one of those times you will be in the moment.

Growing your own vegetables is a task that takes a bit of effort, ingenuity and of course patience. But once you've eaten a vegetable that you cajoled, pampered and grew yourself, it makes it all worthwhile and extremely satisfying. Try it ! a New Garden (VOL. 1): How to Transform Your Yard and Patio Into Beds and Container Gardens (Growing Organic Vegetables at Home) New Self-Sufficient Gardener: The complete illustrated guide to planning, growing, storing and preserving your own garden produce

Bob has been busy with his seedlings. He cleverly re-used empty joghurt cups for it.

The wooden 'tray ' is another one of Bob's inventions...

We have our own wishing-well in the garden and next to it is where Bob wants to plant. Still a bit of work to be done to it.