Sunday, 28 April 2013

School Uniform Should Be Universal !

Or at least a strict dress code...

The other morning we were in a neighbouring town rather early. In fact it was before eight in the morning. On the way to where we had to be, was a High School and rather a big one. Well, let's just say, that we were in for a rude awakening !

Both Bob and I went through our school career dressed in uniforms. Our schools had an extremely strict uniform code and it was enforced / policed or just adhered to. The only time one would see girls in shorts ( they usually came halfway down your thighs ) was during sports.

Driving past the High School the other morning, we couldn't believe our eyes. If it wasn't for the fact that there was an abundance of teenagers, we would have been forgiven in thinking that we had entered a ' professional ' area.

We saw teenage girls dressed in extremely short shorts, tight T-shirts, loads of make-up and with cigarette's dangling from their hands. What, when, where and how do girls dress like that and what where they thinking ?

In fact, if I had a teenage son going to this school, I would be complaining like mad. When the hormones kick in, the little boy you think you know is swapped into a stranger of sorts. Someone who on top of everything else, also constantly thinks of girls.

That's the way it is and has always been. Nothing wrong there. But imagine how his average school day is, when there are scantily clad girls all around him ? Do you think he will focus that much on the teacher and learn anything ?

Somehow it only seems to be the girls who dress to show of their ( there is no other way to put it ) wares. You hardly ever see teenage boys attending school in tight Speedo's and a cut off above-the-naval T-shirt, or do you ?

In fact, should a boy be brave ( or stupid ) enough to go to school like this, the girls would definitely take a look at his ...., but then laugh at him and make jokes about him behind his back. Girls, do you think that the boys will judge you differently ?

Of course I sound extremely Puritan, but I am just telling it as I see it. It makes me wonder whether parents realize how little their daughters' are wearing at school ? Maybe, for all I know, the girls change on the way to school.

One of the best things about a school uniform is that it teaches you from a young age, not to judge people by their outer appearance, but by their inner one...