Monday, 22 April 2013

Walk and Talk, Burgenland Style.

Or rather meet and greet..

Yesterday morning, Sunday, we set off on our walk. Bob chose a new route and I followed brave as a lamb. Through the forest it was. Beautiful in itself, although I wouldn't walk there alone. Wild pig, foxes, hunters, etc. Of course Bob is scared of the same things and wouldn't that have been hilarious if we had encountered one of the above.

Isn't it funny, that if you choose your own route, even a long one, is no problem. Yet if someone else chooses the route, you find yourself mumbling questions such as :
" Are we there yet ? "..." Are you sure you know the way ? "

Emerging from the forest and heading along the road back home, we experienced that which makes living in a small place so precious. Everyone knows you or at least of you.

We have one shop open on Sunday morning and everyone piles in to get fresh bread rolls, the Sunday paper and a few odds and ends. On the way, when they passed us strutting along, we got a fair share of friendly waves which once or twice included the shrill sound of a hooter.

Walking on the path along the main road, we saw a tractor rumbling towards us. At first we thought of using the ditch to side step it. In the country, tractors rule ( just look at the size of their tyres ). But it slowed down to an idling standstill, the cubicle door swung open and a friendly face leaned out to have a chat with us.

It was a neighbour we had recently met, and he had just stopped to talk. Great. You know, when you stop to listen to the other person and then ask pertinent questions about them, a whole different level of conversation is reached. The good kind and the one we all sort of want.

Of course it's enticing to mainly talk about yourself and share your news, ( in fact I've done it and most likely will do it again ) but once you listen and keep the conversation about the other person, you can see them blossoming and emit a glow of happiness.

Simple living...what more do we need ?


Can't you just hear Bob say: " Trust me, I know the way !!!"