Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Drinking A Glass Or 2 Of Wine Is Divine!!!

The sun peaks through.

Early yesterday morning, I hot footed it to the Eisenberg Weinberg to take out a rubbish bin belonging to friends of ours. It was the paper-bin collection yesterday. Instead of driving there, I changed my walking route to include a loop past their house. Less pollution and a lovely walk next to the forest. Although, next time I walk this early in or next to the forest I will take a big stick with me. There were definite noises of wild animals and for all I know it was that dreaded wild pig that the locals keep telling ( and warning ) me about. Apparently it wouldn't be such great fun being met head on by one of those!!!.

Normally it wouldn't bother me, but a while ago one of the early morning cruisers ( taking the car to get milk & a newspaper ) stopped next to me while I walked adjacent to the local forest and asked:

" Aren't you scared of those wild pig in here? "
Naturally I smiled and nodded politely in return but I thought:
' Well, you silly man, I am now ! '

The rubbish collection schedule says to put it out anytime from 7am. Realistically, it never gets picked up so early but as I found out the last time, it did get collected early. Luckily it was the paper bin and not the general rubbish one. Paper has no potent aroma after a six week wait. Nevertheless, I almost ran yesterday to make sure I was on time. Oh yes, this time it got collected!

Once I had wheeled out the rubbish bin, I could slow down in my walk. Slow down and enjoy the different scenery. The sky was overcast but that added to the overall allure as you will see from the picture.

When I saw this, I straight away knew that the vines
( & of course the wine ) had the nod from above. Yes, it was the sun peaking through, but how do we know that it wasn't a blessing from above?
This only brought one thought into my mind:
" Drinking wine is divine "
I had walked a further 500 meters when I heard a low-flying plane. At least that what it sounded like. It was a microlight and I think he was a bit surprised when I had my camera ready. This was too good to pass up.
This made me think of the fable of Icarus...it looked as if he was being drawn up into the light. Of course I stayed around long enough to see what happened to him, but he just flew into Hungary. His perspective must have been spectacular and divine. Imagine seeing those sun rays peaking through at close range? Wow, definitely a thrilling adventure and sport. Alas, not a sport for me.

It is amazing that each day has so many new aspects to it. Life is an adventure when you see it as one...