Friday, 4 April 2014

An Abundance Of Cherry Trees In Our Neighbourhood.

The cherry tree's distinctive white blossom makes it beautiful & recognizable.

Even the following photos won't do justice to the angelic beauty of a humble cherry tree. Almost overnight the white plumage appears and I have to say, it is so stunning to behold that spending a minute or even an hour admiring their bloom is part of it. The white is brilliant in hue, ( none of this egg shell or off-white ) offset by the darkness of the branches and re-inforced by the blue of the skies.

Yesterday I decided to stop and take photos of the various cherry trees scattered all over the vineyards and our neighbourhood. When they were first planted all those years ago, they were a source of income. The fruit was either sold or formed part of keeping a family fed throughout the year. You know, making jam and so forth.

Growing fruit trees wasn't just for show or a hobby. No, they helped financially. Living the easy life now ( you know, just popping into the supermarket for everything ) we forget that fruit comes from trees and milk from cows and most importantly: Wine comes from grapes...

Triumphant in stature, brilliant in colour & a joy to behold.
A perfect mix of white, blue & green.
Cherry blossoms in their prime.
Even among its compatriots the cherry tree stands out...almost shines through.
If you look closely, you can see the white of a cherry plumed branch peaking out.