Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Picture Tuesday Sounds Alright, Don't You Think?

A cheerful start to a Tuesday.

More pictures, yes I know, but this time of the year is so beautiful, stunning and soul capturing.

Taken at Eberau Village Square. They have benches everywhere and a Restaurant & Coffee Shop...oh, that is my ice cream place.
One of the places, where I practice my Modd Moments.
The " Field of dreams " is nothing compared to this lawn of dreams and happiness.
Part of my walking route. Spending long weekends or holidays here, you will be spoilt for choice regarding Walks & wine...! Here is a link to all the available holiday lets in our village.
Nice to see the vines sprout buds...buds of joy!
Aah, the trees are my favourite.
That would be called a working tree, perhaps? Providing fruit and a place to hang the laundry? Isn't this yard great? A typical Burgenland farm yard.
Whilst waiting for the kids to arrive for English, I glanced out the window and saw this statue from above. Even though I drive past so often ( this is the road to our house ) I have never noticed the splendor of the red tulips before. Fabulous.
Our top garden is abuzz with bees. Wherever you walk, there is the happy bee song..." buzzzzzzz " . If you look closely, you can see one in the top middle. While trying to get a perfect photo, I noticed what social "butterflies" they are: From one blossom to the next in no time at all!
Is it a bird ?, Is it a plane?...no, it's Superbee!