Wednesday, 16 April 2014

What A Frightfully Entertaining Salad!

A healthy lunch...I am not so sure anymore.

Tell me, what is worse than finding a hair in your food? Oh, eating a plate of salad and right towards the end seeing a little brave fellow crawling across a now nearly white plate. Yuk, yes there was a worm in my salad.

The funny thing was that I had made the salad. Cleaned it in one of those salad spinners that are such fun to use. Don't you also like that spinning feeling and wringing every last drop of water out of the washed leaf? Obviously the salad spinner keeps the leaves packed with natural protein. They should put a disclaimer on the spinner: Worms will survive the spinning. When that little fellow crawled across my plate he wasn't even wobbling!

You know, when I ate my salad ( in front of the computer and for the last time perhaps! ), I didn't taste anything strange and even hollered out to Bob in the lounge:

" Schatzi, come and get your plate of salad. It tastes nice."
When Bob is doing something on the computer, he is sometimes hard to tear away from it. Ice cream will do the trick because he knows that I will finish it if he doesn't hurry up. Chips, chocolate & cake may also fall into the same category - run or nothing is left! ( For some unknown reason, I have a deep affinity with all the above ) A mere salad doesn't stand a chance or in this case a mere salad will stand for a long time...

When I took note of this little worm ( dark in colour with two little feelers at this head, at least it seemed like the king of its species ) I stared at it for a second wondering what I had put in this salad. As usual, when you see something yucky, the brain gives you a few seconds before you start to scream.

" Ugh Bob, there is a worm in the salad. Oh my God, I must have eaten a few worms! "

I have to say, my Bob is a Man in a Million. You can just imagine my horror and instant nausea when I realized my salad's side kick, can't you? Bob ( still in front of the computer in the lounge ) just shouted a little homily that was oddly soothing. He knows me and what will calm me down. Oh, I married well indeed....

" Oh, don't worry Schatzi. Don't you know that worms don't come in pairs. There is only ever the one. Just relax & stop screaming. "