Thursday, 17 April 2014

A Famous Artist Lives Just Up The Road On The Eisenberg Hill.

Another treasure here in Burgenland or rather Südburgenland: Lajos Gerencsér.

Now and again I take the high road and walk on the upper Eisenberg Weinberg road. As you can imagine, the view is stunning and rather lofty. The road winds itself around a mansion or two, a lot of holiday Kellerstöckls and normal lived-in homes. Albeit homes with a view over the whole valley. Nice.

Getting to the top road or as I like to say, taking the high road, means walking up a bit of an incline. That is probably why it is mostly the people living up there already who do justice to the enticing scenery. Fit tourists now and again on either their bicycle or on foot complete with walking sticks...The majority of tourists though, come here to enjoy doing " not much " while sipping our delectable local wines! Can you think of a nicer way to unwind on your holiday?

Usually my walk up the Eisenberg is on a Sunday. Every now and again, I meet up with an elderly couple. When I do, they always have a friendly smile and he a humorous word or two. Of course, I know that he is an artist - painter - who has his home and gallery up there. Gosh, I have walked past it often and seen the sign.

One of the local papers has done a write up of him recently. To be honest, I forgot that he is a famous painter. After reading about him, I looked online and found a YouTube video of his works. When you see the wonderful artwork he creates and most of it of the ethereal, stunning and beautiful Burgenland nature you feel humbled. At least I do.

Here is a link to his YouTube video showing his works. Of course you could also see it in real life and visit our area for a few days...Fair Warning, there is a bit of hard work involved: Sipping our local wines, taking short leisurely strolls around the vineyards & visiting an art gallery while taking in our breathtaking nature all around...

Our Gemeinde / district is very cutting edge and as of this month, they have created a Tourist Taxi. A taxi to fetch & collect tourists from the Buschenschanks & winetastings. With us you can have fun without having to drive your car...