Monday, 14 April 2014

Seeing A White Horse Means Your Luck Is About To Change For The Better.

Horsing about on my Sunday walk.

We are rather lucky here, because a white horse lives just up the road from us and often it can be seen frolicking about the meadow with her ( ? ) two mates. As all the horses have Lipizzaner blood in them, they are a spirited bunch indeed. Taking photos yesterday was almost harder than taking photos of people...

There she is. A handsome horse indeed. Spirited down to the hooves. I stood there for ten minutes trying to take good photos. If anyone had walked passed me, they would have heard a concoction of tongue clicking, whistling & horsey talk..." Here horsey...!"
The three amigos of the meadow. When I first got there, the brown one was on his back and kicking up his hooves in glee. Unfortunately I didn't get there in time to take a pic, but I was waiting in case the others would follow suit.
Oh, I thought this is it...but alas she just moved the grass to her liking and proceeded to munch.
Do you also get the message of: " Surely that is enough now. How many photos can you take already? "
A few more it seems...Horses do have the most amazing lot of expressions. Even the flick of their tail or the set of their ears is enough to tell a full story.
Aren't they just like a bunch of naughty kids?
The " It wasn't me ! " look.
Just to end of, here is another shot of our lucky white horse. Have a fabulous and successful week.