Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A Typical Day, A Lovely Day, The Essence Of Life.

Finding joy in the small stuff.

Yesterday a friend asked me what had been happening in my life. At first I felt a bit inadequate because how could I describe to her my gentle & normal day. A day without any shenanigans that usually gets accomplished by the " movers & shakers " of the world. No world changing stuff here.

Isn't it funny how we get clarity of thought after we have mentioned some arbitrary comment? Again, I realized that my life is just dandy. It is a normal & seemingly slow life that is disguised as that sort of life everyone yearns for. A life to have time to enjoy and time to notice the little things.

On Thursday is the 1st of May...Worker's day and this public holiday is the start of a great long weekend of wine - tastings. Our village and vineyards will be teeming with visitors. Visitors who are bound to love their sliver of a glimpse of a different way to live. Naturally they will rediscover our great local wine and will hopefully take back oodles of bottles. Hey, our farmers need to earn a living too...( Here is a link to our local / Gemeinde website of where to go & stay ) .

The following are a selection of images that caught my eye yesterday and I hope you'll enjoy them.

The church in Eisenberg is painted a solid white which makes it stand out against the vibrant emerald green fields and the blue sky.
Framed by the clouds.
Same church during winter. Even then the white colour is a stroke of genius.
What more can I say about my love of wildflowers? Unfortunately these were awaiting their marching orders...they will become hay!
Who is watching whom?
Even though the building is in need of loving care ( it is the pig - sty across the yard and as soon as we have a bit of extra dosh...) putting a simple pot plant on the window sill makes a difference to me. Every time I see it, I feel happy...