Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Breakfast Or Lunch With Family, Isn't It Nice?

A day to savour being with family.

There are a few days in the year that we all spend with family, think of family or contact our family. Nowadays it can be virtual or in real life. Either way is nice. Nice enough to remind us what is important in life and to ground us again.

Many of us have forgotten the real religious reason for certain holidays, but despite that, we are doing what these holidays were intended for. We are spending it with family and put them first. Isn't being a family one of the cornerstones of religion?

We had an Easter breakfast or rather a brunch and it was nice. Spending time with family is a treasure. Is it not family that sticks with you through the good times as well as in the not so good times...! Family adores you despite any faults. Friends are not often as forgiving.

Driving through the village yesterday we saw so many family " reunions ". The driveways were packed with out-of-town cars. Especially here in Austria, the number plates are distinctive and clear. Clear enough to spot the non-locals...not that we are spying or anything like that!

Easter breakfast had plenty of delectable stuff. Yummy. Bob and I pigged out so much that when we got home just before lunchtime, both of us dozed off in front of the television. Before you scoff at this, remember that it is a compliment to the food had, if you do the ' nap ' after the meal. Bob even changed into his comfy stretch pants...

Those stretch pants of Bob's have seen better days. In fact they are tatty in looks and reality. Before Bob adopted them, they were my work out pants that I bought before Bob came on the scene. Oh yes, they are old and have holes where there shouldn't be any. With wifely ingenuity I try to hide them from Bob but to no avail. Like a tracker dog, he unearthed them. When I organize a pile of clothes to give to away, he ( almost in a state of panic ) looks to see whether his comfy pants ( or his old cameo pants! ) are in the pile. As if I would be so stupid....Maybe the washing machine will gobble them up soon?

Yippy, I received a nice big chocolate Easter bunny from my parents. Gosh, it has been yonks since I got a chocolate Easter bunny. Bob has been amiss slightly, don't you think? Oh, but frankly I haven't bought him any either. Okay Bob, you are off the hook ( on that one ).

The bunny got attacked as soon as we got home and I am ashamed to admit, that this chocolate bunny is headless at the moment. Sorry Bunny! At least I am part of a general trend. The social platforms are awash with photos of offspring searching & finding hidden Easter eggs etc. Some of the more detailed pics show the happy chocolate trail on their faces. I tried to be more grown up and avoid the chocolate smeared face, but my fingers did get their fair share of chocolate smear...

Easter Monday is great too because you can lounge all day and finish off any left over food. Or in my case the headless chocolate bunny...Happy Easter and I hope you could spend it with your loved ones.