Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Do You Also Love Hearing Songs By ABBA?

40 years on and they still pack a punch.

The other day someone on my Google+ stream posted a link to a video by ABBA. Oh, I don't know about you but I couldn't resist that temptation. My cursor clicked an astounding yes.

My day so far had been fine but the minute I heard the first few strings of Waterloo, the fine morphed into a Woweeee. My feet did their own thing and started to tap to the beat. My head was rolling from side to side on my neck. My voice was screeching out my rendition of Waterloo. It was the best.

In the 40 years since launching the band, just like you, I must have heard the various ABBA songs a lot. Not all the time but some of the time. Maybe that is why I know all the words, but I think you do too? Tell me, does the music of ABBA also instantly brighten your day? Do you also sing along at the top of your voice, regardless of where you are ( elevator, car, party ) and most importantly do you also go into a dance move routine?

When I was younger, I remember driving with my Mum and brother on holiday to Italy. We had a white Beetle bug, you know the one where the engine is in the back and the boot in front. In a way my Mum was a saint of note, because my brother and I were at the fighting stage...

" Move over, you are sitting on my side."
" Why is his piece of chocolate bigger than mine? "
" Are we there yet? "
" I am bored, "
" Tell her to stop irritating me! "
My brother and I were being little brats in the backseat. My Mum was concentrating on driving while at the same time doing her best to prevent any full-on fights. Eight hours of us having a go at each other, irritating each other and my Mum. How she did it I don't know because even sitting in the front and listening to a conversation in the backseat is too much for me. Mums do have super powers...but what I still remember to this day, was the cassette looping in the tape deck....An ABBA compilation tape. Now I realize that their songs kept my Mum sane while we were driving her insane!

Those iconic bands and songs all carry memories for us.

  • We used them for our wedding song, although that was be a bit risky with the high divorce rate. You don't want to cry when you hear your song?
  • Some of us had our first dance /disco experience with them. Might I add, that it was the time of long hair, bell bottoms and the odd tight spandex pants for both boys & girls! The glorious 70's...
  • We still taped the songs from the radio or from our friends. Don't know if it was legal or not but then why would they make boom boxes with two tape decks in them?

All of us who grew up with the band are now in our 40's to 60's and doing the grownup things that older folks do. Leading a staid and responsible life. Yet, I bet you that if any of us hears an ABBA song, the shell of responsibility is dropped faster than Agnetha can belt out her first notes. Smiles all around for sure.

Do you have a memory that goes with ABBA?