Friday, 11 April 2014

Have We Handed Over Our Power, Energy & Everything Else To The Smartphone?

A sign of the times it seems.

What does a Smartphone do:

  • It makes us look good.
  • It lets us document every second of our day, if needed.
  • It allows us to know what each of our friends ( even those we've only met online ) is doing every second of the day.
  • It lets us choose Apps for every conceivable thing. What was life like before the advent of a million App choices?
  • It lets us watch television.
  • It lets us shop and find new things to buy.
  • It lets us make phone calls....

What a Smartphone takes away from us:

  • Leisure time.
  • Free time.
  • Time spent focusing on one task only.
  • Ordering a meal at a restaurant because you like it, not because it will make a great Instagram!
  • Being happy with life as it is. The old adage of what you don't know, you won't really miss!
  • A smartphone gobbles up our attention the same way the old Pac-Man games used to gobble up the yellow dots. It is non-stop because we are mostly all addicted to it.
  • A Smartphone takes most if not all our mental energy. Each and everyday we are following at least 10 avenues of online information. That takes time and energy. We do still need some energy to do our real jobs and to be a fully present & focused family member.

Bob was recently on a trip and had to catch a train. It turned out rather an eventful journey as he played a new game - look to see who isn't on a Smartphone...or spot the Luddite!

Being connected the old fashioned way, via the computer is nice, vital and fun. Even though that can be stressful. Being connected with a Smartphone as well, is a sure way to suffer an eventual burn-out. Try living a weekend without your Smartphone and see if you can cope...and how much more free time & energy you suddenly have at your fingertips.