Thursday, 10 April 2014

Seen One Dummy, Seen Them All?

These dummies takes the top prize...

Driving leisurely through our village ( and really, is there any other way to drive through such a spot of beauty? ) I saw a real dummy on my right. Oh no, lest you are wondering, I was driving on my own! By the time it registered, I was past it and made a mental note to take photographic proof of this dummy.

Once you get used to living in a small village you also learn new driving habits. At least I have done. To take a picture of this dummy, I just pulled up alongside it and stopped the car. I did indicate of course as I whizzed down my window in true 21st century fashion ( at least the backseat windows are still 20th century powered ones with a handle as opposed to a button ) and took aim.

Our two Easter dummies. Aren't they beautiful? Framed by this divine pink blossom cloud? This is such a child friendly place. The children are put first and the village makes it interesting for them. Walking around the streets you can see a lot of shrubs adorned with multi - coloured Easter eggs. When the kids walk home from school ( yes, they can safely do that ) they see little bits of fun stuff along the way. Luckily, the eggs aren't chocolate ones and that makes sure the displays last through the Easter period.
Mr & Mrs E. Bunny sitting on a bench...isn't this just the best? There is a " make our village beautiful " club in the village and the ladies have outdone themselves. They put oases of interest, colour & garden beauty around the village. Once a year the villages get judged for Prettiest village and this is a contender for sure.

Our cat Tigger must have a sense of drama and I have noticed her to be a tad bit of a Drama Queen. Coming back from photographing Mr & Mrs Bunny, she had the foresight to put on a pose in her garden.

Ah, she knows what gets me to take out the camera . At least you can see that she is not short of food.
Bob and I are getting rather good at taking her picture. Bob got her to change her pose a slight bit.

At the moment our whole wine mecca is a smorgasbord of green. Light, dark, emerald to name but a few. This is a photo taken yesterday afternoon and it was so overwhelmingly nice, that here it is. It is always better in real life though!