Monday, 28 April 2014

It Feels Like I'm An Extra On " Cheers "..

Everyone knows something about almost everyone else.

As you know, we live in a village of about 300 villagers and our district is made up of three more villages with the sum total of just over 1100 people. Not too shabby. Somehow I would have loved to describe our village as a hamlet but alas it can't be done, as each little village has its own church.

There is one priest though for a lot of the districts and maybe the villages where he is not preaching could be stretched into being a hamlet. Gosh, a hamlet is so romantic to imagine. Sundays are rather hectic for this lone priest as he does a few services on the trot. When it comes to confession, I wouldn't be surprised if some parishioners venture further out. To a place with an unknown priest perhaps?

Sunday's apart from being church days, are also days for leisurely breakfasts. Late breakfast. Bob and I are fortunate to have a Tea Room that is open on a Sunday. Most importantly though, they have freshly baked bread rolls and confectionery. A baker in a nearby town brings them around in the morning.

A lot of tradesmen do bring wares by truck. Often you can see the meat wagon ( butcher's van ) on a Friday - he is the only person who hoots, the bakers chariot and the aptly named: Bo Frost! If you haven't guessed it, this is the frozen goods van. We haven't used him yet, but I picture an assortment of frozen vegetables / ice creams etc inside.

Bob has a way of making sure I go for those fresh Sunday bread rolls.

" Schatzi, by the time I am dressed etc, the rolls will be sold out!"
Yes, that would be awful and therefore I go to the shop. At times I combine it with a long Sunday walk but always bearing in mind that the amount of bread rolls is finite.

Standing at the till yesterday, a gal from the other ' hamlet ' was paying for her bounty of fresh rolls. We greeted each other and as I was leaving, she asked me if I had walked all this long way? ( with my trusty step-counter I know that to & fro the Tearoom is 2022 steps. Not so bad, even on a Sunday morning. )

" Oh, don't you live in the Eisenberg Weinberg? That is a long way to walk. "
" No, we did in the beginning, but now we live on the outskirts of Eisenberg village. "
I think that she would have given me a lift home otherwise. But as we were talking in front of the till, the shop owner told her exactly where Bob and I live. To the tee and also who lived there before us...

Right there and then, I could hear the opening bars from

" Cheers; Where Everyone Knows Your Name "
playing in my head. Nothing is a secret here. To be honest though, that is what I love about living in our little Burgenland paradise....

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