Sunday, 20 April 2014

A Sunrise Is Precious & Always Welcome.

Morning has broken!

Again, it is the little things we take for granted, that are the most precious. To be privileged to see a new sunrise is special. Seeing the sun rise means getting out of bed early ( or as they say at the crack of dawn ) but that is arguably the best and most soulful time of each day.

Starting off around the corner from our house. Could this be our local Wisteria Lane?
Everything looks more intriguing when it is bathed in a sunrise.
Even the humble grass blade seems to greet the sun rising.
Nature's splendid colour range. Another ' Wow ' moment.
Further on in my ' sunrise ' walk, the sun was at a different angle and instantly a different colour spectrum. All the blues, purples & pinks. Also nice, don't you think? The pile of wood almost could be mistaken for a bonfire offering...
The Deutsch-Schützen Weinberg being greeted by the morning's ambassadors. Again, the vines are bathed in a special light.