Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Let Us Charge For Garbage By The Gram!

A possible great solution to Climate Change.

The latest report issued by the IPCC this week on the effects of Climate Change is just too darn scary to contemplate. The scientists in the know say that this report is flashing red lights on all fronts and that is frightening.

Politicians around the world have had plenty of time to do something meaningful, but for some reason they haven't. Could the solution on that front be a mandatory age limit to leading a country? 40 being the cut off age limit? You know, at 40 or under one is still worried about the future 20 or so years down the road. Oh yes, because it affects them personally.

Consumption or rather conspicuous consumption is one of the main culprits. We are all at fault. Those big companies only keep producing what we keep buying. A sad fact but true.

It is jolly difficult not to buy things as we need them, because for one thing they are so inexpensive. Why re-use what you have when the new lot is so affordable? But, here is my train of thought:

What if all of us ( yes, all of us ) had to pay for disposing / throwing away garbage or rubbish? You know, when the big truck comes along they would weigh your garbage bin before it gets tossed into the back of the truck.

If we make it expensive enough to hurt our pockets ( such as let's say, 10 euros / dollars per kilo ) all of us would start to re-use or even use up all of our things. Can you imagine how much stuff will be saved from rotting needlessly. Just the food alone would make a huge difference. We are all guilty of not using up all that we buy. Often our fridges are crammed full that we tend to overlook things like containers of joghurt, leftovers or the odd wedge of cheese.

All of us are responsible for this climate disaster and all of us need to get behind lessening the carbon footprint of our society. Instead of fighting wars with each other, we should all pull together and fight the war on Climate Change.