Tuesday, 1 April 2014

April Fools: Isn't It Fab To Be Had?

A sign of affection...

All of us know it is coming. All of us promise ourselves to not fall for it. Famous last words indeed, yet the alternative of not being tricked is rather a sad one.

Since year dot, my Mum has been tricked by my step-dad on April 1st. Suspiciously only on that day a stray mongrel visits their home and leaves a ripe smelling parcel of goods...his goods! He even describes this mongrel's offering in detail. Such as foul smelling and still steaming... Suspiciously it takes place just before she is fully awake and before she can dot the " i's " she is in search of a mop and bucket...As I said, every year!!!

Last year Bob tricked me by shouting:

" Oh my God. Quick put your feet up from the floor. There is a big mouse running on the kitchen floor."
. He got his desired effect. I screamed the house down and wouldn't budge from the chair lest I got attacked by a mouse. But here is the best part. After this fictitious mouse alert, the universe thought, hang on let's really give them one. And voila, we had the Mouse-von-Trapp family flitting in & out of our lounge. True story.

Newspapers the world over will hide a red herring April fools story on their front page. Frankly, it gets harder and harder to sniff out this red herring because the stories that are in the papers most days, are pretty red-herring like as it is. Maybe they make it a easy to spot one this time around.

Most of us make a big deal if someone gets us on April fools but secretly we are pleased as punch. Only someone who cares about us will take the time and effort to plot a trick on us. Just in case you haven't schemed on a funny plot, maybe use the Mongrel left a parcel trick on your loved one. As I said, a sign of affection. Let me know if it worked.