Sunday, 27 April 2014

A Weekend Of Gifts.

My first orchid, and what a beautiful one.

Living the simpler life in the country is divine. Most folks have their own garden often complete with a chicken coop. Our one neighbour loves his chickens so much, he has created a sort of Chicken - Disneyland. Oh yes, their are slides, water features and a lounge chair or two.

The lounge chairs are for him to sit and watch his happy chickens whilst having a sun - downer. Two years ago a fox came and ate most of his chickens and he decided to create this enclosure to keep the fox out and the chickens happy. His last lot tended to wing it over the fence and one assumes almost into the fox's mouth. Those chickens were dilly because they more or less winged it one after the other.

Once or twice they escaped into our garden and pecked around. Most entertaining to watch, especially when Bob tried to shoo them back to their yard. Do you think that chicken listen? Oh no, they are stubborn as the proverbial mule. Like little children they gave Bob the slip as he herded them back into their yard. Kind of one in...the other one out!

Naturally, now our neighbour's new lot of chickens are happy as can be and fit and flourishing. Bob and I can hear their happy chatter from our bedroom and now and again we get given a six-pack of their eggs. Love it.

On Friday I helped a girl with her English and as I was leaving, her mother gave me a home grown lettuce and a lovely box of freshly laid eggs. Four eggs but rather big ones. There is just something so nice and refreshing to receive such gifts. For starters you can use them ( in fact, we had the lettuce that evening ) and it gives you a warm feeling around the heart.

On Saturday I went for a visit in Höll ( seriously, just visiting ) and as I was leaving after a lovely chat, they gave me an Orchid. But not just a run of the mill Orchid, no, this one is beautiful, purple and mauve and looks happy. Wow, I was tickled pink at such a nice gift.

Orchids are delicate flowers and with great foresight I asked how to take care of it. Like any other flower, I was prepared to give it water once a day. Oh, it turns out that this Orchid needs only a
tot - glass amount of water once a week!
Dear Orchid, that was a close shave for you...


Two years ago: Bob's trying to be a chicken looks as if the hens are bowing before him!
" I'll count to ten, but then I will look for you! "
What are they both looking for?
" I won't tell Bob, if you won't..."
Isn't this a lovely gift to receive. My purple Orchid.