Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Living History.

Hearing stories first hand is such a treat.

History doesn't have to be centuries old. No, even talking to someone in their 80's or 90's is a chance to experience history. As I would call it, living history.

It holds such a strong fascination for me when I can hear stories of how life was back in the day. It is a pure pleasure and treat to be able to have a conversation with an older person. They surely are the treasure keepers. They are the one's who know what is actually important. Of course we never take in that bit of information because as it is said, youth is wasted on the young...

Sometimes, just having a 'squizz' at their picture gallery is like being given a glimpse into the past. Seeing a wedding photograph that is over 70 years old is such a privilege. Oh, they are prim & proper photographs yet there is a twinkle of joy and expectation in their eyes. They were happy in the knowledge that they would together navigate life's intricacies.

Those who are over 80 years old are made of stern stuff. They were born in the depression era and survived a World War. Most of us have no idea of the hardships war flings on families. We can only imagine what it is like not to have enough food to eat from one year to the next. Never mind the heart wrenching fact of losing loved ones or seeing carnage firsthand.

Whereas we crumble at the first hurdle life throws at us, the older generation stands up to whatever life gives them. Good or bad, because they know that the only way to live, is to take it one day at a time. Everything can be overcome.

In our villages it used to be that after a hard day of toiling in the fields etc, the women would meet in the streets. Most houses had a bench in the front facing the road and that was where everyone would sit and chat. Laugh and maybe shed a tear too. But they helped each other through life.

Ironically we only know after we have lived through something, that it was hard or difficult. At the time it is just our everyday life.

Sadly, all those treasure keepers are often ignored by us. How many are languishing lonely & alone in an Old Age Home? I know that life is hectic and stressful for most of us, but if we took the time to go and visit an old(er) person, we would be rewarded with so much more. Aren't they the
" keepers of the key to a happy life "...?