Wednesday, 13 May 2015

A Meeting Of Kangaroo's In Burgenland?

Six degrees of separation and so forth...

Their pelts camouflage them perfectly ( of course only when the field is idle. I didn't see this huge fella straight away and got an enormous fright when he jumped suddenly. Doesn't he look just like a kangaroo?
Doesn't this hare run like a kangaroo? I have to say, that these hares ( there was a hare convention right under my feet and they scattered in every direction ) are extremely well fed and are the about the size of a small dog. Nothing cute and Bugs Bunny about them at all. Rather scary actually.
When you look closely, you can spot this hare. It was quite comical how they all scattered in every which direction and then stopped in their pose, waiting for me to go past. Of course I had also stopped, waiting to get better photos...A hare-hair stand off at a Burgenland vineyard indeed.
Enough of hares...isn't this picnic spot wonderfully romantic? A spot under an ancient tree, where shade is ample and the views breathtaking. This is so close to both Eisenberg and Deutsch Schützen, yet I don't think a lot of us villagers know about it or have used it.
Just to give you an idea of how ancient this tree is....look underneath its left side and you'll see the picnic table. Amazing, isn't it? This tree has survived for eons and could tell a story indeed.
To end off, I thought I'd show a few red roses. They are blooming all over our village and provide a refreshing and soothing feeling.