Monday, 11 May 2015

Fourth Place Saved Bob's Bacon!

Bob's team mates are a clever lot indeed.

" Honey, I'll be back in two hours, three at the most. " they say, famous last words indeed. Saturday afternoon it was and as I had some experience from last year in waiting patiently, I thought maybe this time I could take Bob literally. Ha, I should have know better...

The sun had already set and Schatzi was nowhere to be seen to share a sun downer. I had settled in front of the TV and had fallen into a pleasant slumber but woke up the minute I heard the gate chain rattle ( goodness, I must have intuitive hearing indeed or a sixth sense ). Glancing tiredly at the clock showed that witching hour wasn't too far off. Well, the proverbial bitching hour not far either.

It was too comical. There I was getting ready to bitterly complain about the time Bob chose to come home, when as if on cue ( from who indeed? ) he jumped into our lounge like a jack out of its box. He jumped while holding a trophy and shouting at the top of his lungs:

" Yoohoo, we won 4th place....!" about a deflated balloon. It took me about ten seconds to remove my ire and ask Bob about this wonderful turn of events. He went out at 2 pm to spectate in Steinfurt and came back at 10.30 pm with this huge trophy.

Bob was bubbling over with recollections of his successful afternoon and was extremely chuffed with himself. Rightly so. Fantastic. Of course the only other fact I could get out of him before he fell into a victory slumber after eating dinner, was that when his team ( or part of it ) was driving home, the longtime married men cunningly gave Bob the trophy to take home for a few days.

His team mates, veterans of the village fire brigade ( they sound ancient, but remember that they started in their teens and aren't that much older than Bob ) must have had eons of experience of how to handle an irate wife...They knew that any wife would hesitate to complain about the lateness of the hour, when faced with a stunning trophy.

Well done chaps, your strategy worked. Oh and also well done for winning this trophy. Super.


Bob and the trophy. Well done to Bob and his team. When he got home on Saturday night, I didn't have the energy to take a photo of him in his uniform. This morning I made Bob pose with the trophy.