Saturday, 30 May 2015

Has Greed Won The Day?

FIFA's election is one of those events, that no words aptly describe.

Everyone would have lain odds against The Boss winning this election again, especially after all the corruption allegations in his organization. Surely, now that it was out in the open, that house of cards should have collapsed?

FIFA, what is it really? Through it, we have been allowed to purchase super priced merchandise as fans of soccer teams. Oh yes, it wasn't enough to pay to watch the various games ( especially during the World Cups ) but no, if you do wear a team shirt, it can only be an officially approved one, which equates to a more expensive price as the organization needs to earn money! Money, that seems to not have gone where it should have.

As for promises of pumping World Cup money back into the host country, there are numerous local clubs back in South Africa still waiting for a better pitch to play soccer on. Pitches they were promised...Don't let me get started on all those ridiculously priced stadiums that were built for the tournament. Built to FIFA expectations, with FIFA approved companies ( not all local either ) and now, they are still having to be paid off by the taxpayers,5 years after the event and aren't even in use! Shocking.

This recent election shouldn't have gone ahead. Most other companies or businesses in the world, where so many executives were under investigation for suspicious behaviour, would have either gone bankrupt or at least have their CEO resign. Seeing most of FIFA's electorate vote for another term of the same, is sad reflection of our society.

The game of soccer has morphed from a wholesome event that we watched as families on a Saturday afternoon, knowing that the best or most trained team won ( with the occasional upset from the underdog ) to one where often a thought of:

" Was that real or not? "
has crossed a lot of minds.
Why still watch?

Money, has won the day. Money men,it seems as there are a few of them in the world, are pulling the strings. With letting this election proceed, I have a sneaky suspicion that these men have pulled the wool over our eyes again.